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AA PARRAMATTA CSO & AA NSW Service Council Inc

The Birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous in Australia.”


The first Central Service Office (“CSO”) for AA opened in Sydney, in 1952.  The AA NSW Service Council eventually became known  as "the Croydon Office" or "Croydon CSO", as it was for many years housed at 127 Edwin Street, Croydon. It consists of representatives (Delegates) from all participating AA Meeting Groups in NSW who receive information updates and make decisions in Quarterly Meetings.

The AA NSW Service Council was formally incorporated (Inc.) in 2015 and relocated to the modest office space used by the Parramatta CSO at Unit 71, Level 2, 48-50 George Street, Parramatta.    

The Parramatta CSO was recently included as an AA Service body (or Local AA Office) within the "national structure" of AA in Australia, same as other CSOs around Australia.  The National Office of AA in Australia (GSO) supports CSOs greatly by purchasing and stocking Conference Approved AA Literature in bulk quantities for distribution to CSOs . 

Parramatta CSO Activities:
  • AA NSW Bookshop -- online and in-person Bookshop for all AA literature and merchandise needs
  • Supporting volunteers
  • Supporting AA members
  • Co-operating with other CSOs and AA Service bodies
  • Increasing awareness and encouraging use of the AA Helpline 1300 222 222
  • Assisting AA Weekly Meeting Groups with 'digital meetings'

The Service Council is not a governing body of any kind; it exists to serve and support the AA Fellowship in NSW. Its main purposes are:

(a) to assist the expansion and development of the Fellowship of AA within the State of NSW in accordance with the Traditions and Concepts exemplified by AA World Services; and

(b) whilst giving adequate and fitting expression to the collective group conscience, to assist the activities of CSOs, AA Weekly Meeting Groups and individual members across NSW .  

The Service Council maintains and shares important archives for AA, publishes and distributes the monthly "AA Reviver", provides Certificates for Public Liability Insurance, hosts Workshops, assists Inter-Groups, Suburban, Rural and Remote Meeting Groups and receives financial contributions from participating members.


I am Responsible. When Anyone, Anywhere Reaches Out For Help,
I Want The Hand Of A.A. Always To Be There.

And For That,

I Am Responsible.

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