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AA NSW Service Council Inc

The Birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous in Australia.”


The first Central Service Office (“CSO”) for AA opened in Sydney, in 1952. The Service Council consists of the representatives from all participating AA Meeting Groups in NSW who receive information updates and make decisions in Meetings of Delegates held on a Quarterly basis.  


The main purpose of the Service Council is:

(a) to assist the expansion and development of the Fellowship of AA within the State of NSW in accordance with the Traditions and Concepts exemplified by AA World Services; and


(b) whilst giving adequate and fitting expression to the collective group conscience, to assist in coordinating the activities of AA Groups and individual members in this endeavour.  


We collect, manage and share important archives for AA and provide literature and other information to AA Groups and AA Members in NSW.


The Service Council has been housed at different locations in and around Sydney over the years, and now operates from a modest office at Parramatta 

Some Current Activities:
  • Obtaining Certificates of Public Liability cover for Weekly Meeting Groups
  • Assisting AA Groups to establish alternative 'digital meetings'
  • Distribution of “AA Reviver”, being the monthly “Meeting-in-Print” and NSW Weekly Meetings Lists
  • AA NSW Bookshop -- for all AA literature needs
  • Preservation and sharing of AA archive materials throughout NSW
  • Attracting and supporting volunteers
  • Meeting place for volunteers and members
  • Liaison with NSW Health and Corrections
  • Quarterly Meetings of Delegates, and working in sub-Committees
  • Workshops on Traditions, Steps, Service, Sponsors/ees etc
  • Supporting members and co-operate with other AA bodies
  • Assisting Inter-Groups, Rural and Remote Meeting Groups
  • Increasing awareness and encouraging use of the National Hotline


I am Responsible. When Anyone, Anywhere Reaches Out For Help,
I Want The Hand Of A.A. Always To Be There.

And For That,

I Am Responsible.

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