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Service for AA Meeting Groups

Quarterly Delegates, representative of AA Weekly Meeting Groups

  • Free
  • Zoom Delegates Meeting: 31 May at 1pm

Service Description

The Service Council has a Constitution which describes the important aims and functions. We serve the AA Fellowship in NSW in helping alcoholics to achieve and maintain sobriety. This involves assisting with the expansion and development of the AA Fellowship, encouraging AA group membership and maintaining various services provided to AA groups and individuals to support all suffering alcoholics. In all our endeavours we strive to give adequate and fitting expression to the autonomy and collective conscience of Participating Groups, including their individual members. We are required to establish productive, mutually beneficial relations with other AA Service Councils, CSOs and GSO. It is the collective responsibility of the Council in all its deeds and policies to follow and protect the Principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Executive Committee and Members of the Council recognise and respect the guiding framework underpinning Alcoholics Anonymous: ie, the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts of Service. We provide confirmation of Public Liability insurance for Organised Meetings, as well as AA literature supplies and other needs of AA weekly meetings and Members. AA Reviver: AA NSW Service Council Inc is responsible for producing and distributing the well-known “AA Reviver”, which is a monthly magazine that serves as a “Meeting in Print” (members stories) and includes Weekly Meetings Lists and other pertinent information for members of the AA Fellowship in NSW. It is often given to ‘newcomers’ at AA meetings. Meeting groups and individual members subscribe for various quantities of one-off or repeat issues which are posted out monthly by a small team of volunteers. Members are encouraged to share their experience, strength and hope with readers by providing short written content. The AA Reviver is a valuable service to the AA Fellowship in NSW provided below actual cost. A small editorial team determines the content of AA Reviver, independently of the Executive Committee to avoid any controversy or involvement with ‘politics’. Workshops: The Service Council continues to hold Workshops on a range of topics including Traditions, Concepts of World Service, the 12 Steps of AA, Sponsorship - for Sponsors and Sponsees. AA Meetings Lists: We maintain a list of times, dates and places for AA weekly meetings throughout NSW, including more recently "digital" meetings using Zoom and MS Teams etc, and telephone-conferencing.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

(02) 8872 0235

Level 2, Unit 71 48-50 George Street, Parramatta NSW, Australia

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